You open your eyes but are they truly open?

You have truly seen the living army of the walking dead!

Then perhaps you already know what may lay ahead the end of the human race!

The blood sucking bags of puss share the same sky as you and look at the same creeks, hills and mountains. The same constellations that slant across the heavens exist above them. The destroyed derelict towns and nations they roam. They do not need food, drink, fashion, language all they crave is blood. Working in rhythm with the earth in a primal lust which is driven to endlessly destroy all living entities until nothing but zombies and mutants remains alive.

But it’s not the end yet can you help others to survive there can be a future!

You trust what you never have before in the past. Because these times are the making of you as you fight these monsters of hideousness devoid of beauty and color. Grey ribbony creatures and mutated genetics. As time passes more monsters mutants spring from a well and obis of damnation and nothing surprises you. There are no myths it is all true no nightmare can compare with reality as it exists now. The past is gone the now is here and nobody knows how the future will turn out you must live for the now.

Dragging and shuffling your streets sucking the life out of everything that is alive. The moans and ungodly murmur that echoes through the air you shake at the thought of it. Unable to look away whether you like it or not as you blow there heads to smithereens. The undead the mutants created from who knows what or how. Before they touch your flesh with there drooling slimy mouths full of snarling teeth ready to rip you apart. Before the mutants existed before the undead had risen there are records and the truth can be found somebody knows why they are here where it all went wrong.

They are not unreal anymore they are here!.

Are you having a nightmare or is it reality are you able to know anymore?

Suddenly from the mists of sleep you wake up then you realize you’re in a world where humanity barely exists over the zombie and mutant menace. You don’t remember a time when the world was uninfected by people dying and getting back up. The killing and eating by the relentless army of rotting flesh zombies. The nightmare of coping with these enemies makes every day even more dangerous. You try to remember the time before the millions probably billions died. You sleep very little now awaking in unfamiliar beds in strange derelict buildings that are trashed beyond recognition. This is the world you now exist in so the old you is completely gone.

Everyday you search for the means just to exist whilst trying to find the answers to defeat the hoards of enemies that exist in this complex strange new world. The challenge is to rise up and deal with the wave of ravenous dead every minute of every day. Finding ways to fight back while regaining control and meeting other survivors who need you to join the cause. Rumours abound that ancient artifacts exist that might help annihilate these hordes of enemies forever.

As you set off on your journey the skies are dark with ominous clouds that appear to indicate that your life is about to change yet again. In the distance fat, nasty clouds lurk as if in warning to what awaits. But you have to no time to think anymore as the army of rotting flesh descends upon you. As you run down the street the dead race towards you, they have seen better days and you take them out. Their rotted flesh splatters around you the soulless rotting zombies who were once human. You think about how you should have saved the bullets and used the axe.

The undead the zombie hordes the mutated forms existing now on earth must be gone forever. This is the story of the game of life set to changing the tide for humanity forever. From as it is now to a more positive outcome where we all can win over the hordes of death and destruction.

You are only a Zoner one who lives outside the city of survivors. If only you could gain access to the last remaining city of the survivors, just the thought of being in the city of survivors makes you feel happy. If you do well you may be able to become a city dweller and live there with all the bright lights and all it has to offer in amenities twenty four hours a day.

You are special you are here you can find the answers to end this living nightmare!

Can You Survive The BlakeZone!