BlakeZone is a Post-Apocalyptic Survival MMOFPS game of unrelenting horror and terror. You will be experiencing the attacks of the flesh-eating walking dead and mutants on the populace of one of the largest remaining survivor cities on planet Earth. The wasteland zones surrounding the cities are death-traps inhabited by the rotting flesh walking dead and other mutants.

These monsters were created by the genetic modification of life on Earth gone awry, creating a path of annihilation for the human race. Most people thought it would be a very short lived aberration, mistakenly thinking it would be contained. Now, decades later, it is proving to be the apocalypse to beat all apocalypses in human history. Initially driven out and contained in remote rural areas, the hordes of walking dead eventually came seeping through the night and converged on the cities for fresh blood.

Now there is no hope of escaping the zombies who never sleep. Humans must constantly move when in the wastelands outside of the survivors’ cities; in order to survive, there is no other choice. Can you survive in the BlakeZones, where there is a constant menace from the zombies and mutants? They are the creation of an unforgiving world so arrogant that its hubris brought about this constant nightmare of epic proportions, unimaginable to our human ancestors.

Will you stand your ground and fight against the extinction of mankind?


Background information for Gamers about the Blake Ecosystem

BlakeZone is a part of the Blake Community. The Blake Community consists of miners of cryptographic coin, coin traders and all those who are supporters and contributors. Blakecoin and other coins from the Community are the rewards and currency within the game. Gamers can mine or buy the currency to use within the game. Also a part of the Blake Community is the Blake Cryptographic Society which sets out the ethos and other relevant issues within the Community, such as the mining and trading of coins. The links for more information are on the links page.

On the links page are the coin exchange sites for buying and selling of coins. You can sell coins you have earned from mining or from rewards won within the game, and you can buy coins for making purchases in the game’s shop. BlakeZone is a unique game in the way it is set up within the Blake Community and the way it uses peer-to-peer currency. No payments are made within the game in credit or debit cards. BlakeZone is a cryptographic coin game only.

This game is an Indie Development Game made and created within the Blake Community for all those horror loving gamers who just can’t wait to blow the heads off the undead. Also it is a real Community where you can contact the development team and other members of the Community and have real input into the development of the game as it grows. Ideas and creative energies to benefit all if possible will be gladly received. Be a part of BlakeZone and the Blake Community. Join now to play, and if you wish to participate in the future of things, you are welcome to contribute to the community and it’s projects.

Warmest wishes and welcome from the Blake Community and BlakeZone Development team.

Currently we are working on a closed beta client expect some annotated screen shots from the current beta client soon.